Diver and Fiji Mermaid2012

  • Diver - H 62cm x W 22cm x D 22cm
  • Fiji Mermaid - H 68cm x W 22cm x D 22cm

  • Earthenware, Glaze, Enamel, Lustre, Mixed Media

Pair of Diver and a Fiji Mermaid.

The diver has the modern debris of the sea at his feet; plastic bottles, bags, condoms etc.
The figure has two interchangeable head "stoppers", one is a diving suit helmet and the other is a black skull.

The mermaid is based the mummified mermaids that featured in many European Renaissance Collector's Cabinets of Curiosity.
The figure has interchangeable upper body "stoppers". One is a mermaid based on Japanese woodblock prints, with a full body tattoo. The second is based on a mummified "Fiji Mermaid".

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