• H 60cm x W 40cm x D 20cm

  • Earthenware, Glaze, Enamel, Lustre

This figure is based on the Brothers Grimm tale Foundling-Bird in which a forester finds a baby in a bird's nest and takes him home to be raised with his daughter. One day the daughter sees the cook carrying many buckets of water to the house and askes what she is doing. The cook tells her that the next day, she will boil Fundevogel in it. The daughter and Fundevogel flee. The cook, afraid of what the forester would say about his lost daughter, sends servants after them. Fundevogel transforms into a rosebush and the daughter, Lenchen, a rose on it. The servents search again, and Fundevogel becomes a church, and Lenchen a chandelier in it. The cook sets out to search for them and Fundevogel turns into a pond and Lenchen a duck on it. The cook kneels down to drink from the pond, but Lenchen draws her into the pond to drown.

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